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Eco Firebox Radiant and Passive Solar Heat

Ok, you could use either a stand-alone or fireplace style Eco Firebox in your home. Here’s some thoughts and considerations for each.

Passive Solar Potential – Depending on the placement of the house and its location, both floors have the opportunity to provide passive solar energy using the Eco Fireboxes masonry mass and its chimney as the absorber and radiator.  Suggestion; build the internal chimney an exposed masonry chimney. This will further add to Eco Fireboxes radiant mass as well as absorbing and re-radiating the passive solar energy collected from the windows.

Either Eco Firebox design styles will wok for this floor plan.

Stand-Alone Eco Firebox design –  
Typically a glass door in the living room for fuel loading and view of fire.

Option 1 – Include a bake oven accessible from the kitchen enabling you to use Eco Fireboxes heat for a pizza and bread bake oven, also providing greater thermal mass for additional heating Btus.

Option 2 – Install a smaller (no-glass or glass) fuel loading door and ash pit clean out in the kitchen to help keep living room clean.

Option 3 – Include a masonry mantel in living room

Fireplace Style –
Mostly the same as the stand-alone above however would provide greater integration into the floor plan (i.e. hide structural support).  A fireplace design could incorporate all of the above options including a masonry chimney.  The heart of your home.

Construction modifications/suggestions that can help increase efficiency –

Opening the walls around the Eco Firebox location will help achieve greater heat transfer efficiency (for any radiant or convection heat source).