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Our Satisfied Customers Stories

A short success story with detailed cost savings from our customer Mr. Bill Decarolis of New Castle NH. Keep in mind that the Eco Firebox was placed in the least efficient location within the house.
Our Eco Firebox went online at the end of November 2011. We love the design, the ambiance and our friends and neighbors love the pizza oven. For these reasons alone we wouldn’t hesitate telling anyone to trade in their wood stove for one of these amazing heaters or to retrofit one into their fireplace.
But, the question we get from a lot of my friends is, are you saving money? So, I did some analysis to figure just that out. First, I went on-line and got the info for the Degree Heating Days (DHD) for New Castle, NH for the last two years.
As you would expect there has been a 20% decline in DHD over last year during the period of December 1st to Valentine’s Day. I next drove the lady at my heating oil company crazy and had her send me the history of oil purchases for this house over the last 2 years. Amazingly, the oil consumption has gone down 60%. Our gallons of oil consumed per day has reduced from 9.9 GPD to 3.9 GPD. But, maybe the most amazing part of this is I’ve only burned about a cord of wood to make this difference and I have a 3,600 sqft home.
After adjusting for the drop in DHD, I’d say this equates to a net 40% reduction in oil consumed. Considering what I spent on 2 cords of firewood, I am estimating I’ll have net savings of over $2,000.00 this year on oil.
So, the answer is – I am saving money and a lot of it. But, I am also enjoying the fire, making pizza’s and impressing my friends with this technology.