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Renovation – Lakes Region Moultonborough NH

Here is an preliminary design for your renovation project. The door and heat cubes can be on either side.  I placed the firebox away from the kitchen to to make the floating hearth more inviting when entering into the living room from the new kitchen. If you were to more the firebox closest to the kitchen we could add a second door to the side so you could see the fire from the kitchen, living and dinning room.  These drawings are very close to scale.

Existing masonry fireplace

New floor plan – opening kitchen to living room wall and making the fireplace more accessible and inviting.

The Eco Firebox Core installed on new hearth.  Green = the firebox, pink = heat cubes and top pink block is the optional accumulator cube.

Eco Firebox with heat cubes and accumulator cube exposed prior to veneer installation.

Completed veneer with floating hearth (shows cultured stone installed on top of 4″ solid concrete block) veneer does not need to be floor to ceiling there maybe other design considerations including a casted stone or stone mantel to help make the Eco Firebox more of a traditional looking fireplace.

Lastly, you could add an additional door on the right side to view fire from the kitchen.  Additional clearance may be needed from wall this is not a scaled drawing simply a visual to help the design process.